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Students will gain an understanding of the different family structures and the diversity and cultural differences found within families; develop respect for others who come from different backgrounds than themselves; accept and celebrate differences in their classroom society as well as large societies; understand the roles and responsibilities of various family members; learn how family traditions and activities work together to build a strong cultural and family identity that strengthens family relationships; be able to recognize that strong families working together from within, help to create strong communities. 111 pages. The resource book entitled "Today's Canadian Families" contains many activities that can be used to introduce and reinforce various skills in the following areas. o Mathematics: Numeral/Concept Recognition, Counting by 1's, Arranging Pictures According to Size o Phonics: Recognition of the initial consonants Dd, Ff, Mm, Ss, Hh, and the Gr blend o Reading: Recognition of family words such as mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc. Completing a Family Booklet. o Association: Things That Go Together; Colors of Food; Matching Baby Animal to Its Mother; Matching Things People Use Together; Identifying Rooms in a House; Matching Animal to Its Home; Identifying Homes People Use; Matching Homes that Look the Same; Identifying Things Used in a Home. o Classification: Family Spring Activities; Family Autumn Activities; Family Winter Activities; Family Spring Activities; Matching Items to Rooms in a Home; Identifying Buildings That Look the Same o Oral Language Development: Putting picture puzzle pieces together to form a family picture to discuss the family activity. o Developing Sequencing Skills: Sequencing family activity pictures in the correct order and telling an oral story about the events. o Listening Skills: Locating the emotion felt in a short oral story, ordinals first to fifth, and noting picture details. o Art Ideas: Making family puppets and family mobiles to help students to synthesize their learning.