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Teacher, I'm Done! Now What Do I Do?

Teacher, I'm Done! Now What Do I Do?

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The Perfect Solution to an Age-Old Problem 

Every teacher faces the problem of "fast" kids who finish their work before the others. This must-have resource provides dozens of creative thinking activities to keep those little minds challenged and on task. Activities include brainteasers, logic challenges, puzzles, and much more. 

You've experienced it many times – you're in the middle of a small-group lesson when you feel a little tap on your shoulder accompanied by a small voice proudly announcing, "TEACHER, I'M DONE! NOW WHAT DO I DO?"

This must-have resource features over 80 high-interest, independent activities especially designed for first - and second - grade students who finish their work ahead of the others and are looking for something to do. The reproducible pages require absolutely no teacher to create a "special assignment kit," and make them readily available. Students will enjoy the puzzles, brainteasers, and logical reasoning challenges while you continue with your lesson uninterrupted. You'll never again need to scramble to answer the often heard question "Now what do I do?" Your students will know exactly what to do and will enjoy every minute of it!

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