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Smart Snacks® Shape Matching Cookies

Smart Snacks® Shape Matching Cookies

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Stars, stripes, shapes, sprinkles…these cookies have everything! Kid-approved Smart Snacks pack serious learning into delightful batches of irresistible play food. This batch features 8 shaped cookies decorated with bright icing colors for a heaping helping of shape and color identification. Children will feel like pro bakers as they fit the cookies into the corresponding shapes on the baking sheet. Then, they can pop them out, compare icing attributes, stack them up, or take them anywhere else their imagination leads. What a treat!

     • Heart
     • Circle
     • Triangle
     • Hexagon
     • Square
     • Diamond
     • Star
     • Rectangle
     • Baking sheet

Baking sheet measures: 9.5”L x 4.5”W x .75”H, cookies measure 1.75”

Grades: Toddler+

Suggested Learning Activities:

Shape identification and matching: Hold up a cookie and say the shape. Then, have your child say the shape and place the piece in the correct spot. Try having your child complete the puzzle and name the shapes without your help.

Color identification and matching: Lay out the shapes on the floor or table next to the baking sheet. Ask your child to pick up a piece by color. Once your child has identified the correct piece, have your child place it on the correct spot on the baking sheet.

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