OUR FOUR SEASONS™ – The Teacher's Crate
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An exciting game where players identify, match, sort, classify and explain reasoning as they investigate four friendly characters, each demonstrating one of the four seasons. Game includes suggestions to support and extend the game, reproducible worksheets that align with game's educational targets, four character cards that depict each season and a character chart to support character identification. Players rely on concentration and memory to find same-color Oops Groups Express train puzzle pieces. One item on each puzzle piece does not belong (oops). The first player to find the matching puzzle pieces, sequentially build a same-color train, and identify the oops on each puzzle piece wins the game. Includes four illustrated cards that depict each season. A character chart is included to visually support character identification. Reproducible worksheets are provided to extend game activities. Guide includes suggestions for supporting and extending gameplay. Contents include: 16 character cards (four per character), 4 double-sided game mats, 1 illustrated character chart, extension activities worksheet, and instructions.

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