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JUMBO Fold-Out Magnetic Mats

JUMBO Fold-Out Magnetic Mats

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Get your students on the road to reading success with the Little Red Toolbox Jumbo Fold-Out Magnetic Mats! It's one of the simplest-yet most versatile-literacy tools around! No matter what your students' skill level, there's something for everyone: from alphabet letter recognition to word, and even sentence, building. These magnetic mats open like a book. On the inside you'll find four columns for a variety of sorting and building activities, and on the outside you'll find a white board for open-ended tasks. The mats can be used in a 9-by-12-inch form or expanded to an 18-by-12-inch jumbo form. They also have write-on/wipe-off surfaces so all you need is a dry-erase marker to customize your literacy instruction even further! Includes a teaching guide with ideas for using the mats with other Little Red Toolbox literacy products! 

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