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Grade 1 Independent Reading Collection A–J

Grade 1 Independent Reading Collection A–J

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30 titles (levels A–G) and a Teacher’s Guide:
Sea Animals (level A)
My Mom (level A)
Summer Fun (level A)
Puppy Paints (level B)
My Cat (level B)
Polar Bears (level B)
Sleepy Bear (level C)
My Costume (level C)
Peach Trees (level C)
Ice Cream (level D)
Friends (level D) 
At Home In a Shell (level D)
Are We There Yet? (level E)
The Enormous Turnip (level E)
My Camera (level E)
Our Tree House (level F)
What Can Insects Do? (level F)
A World of Homes (level F)
Is it a Monster? (level G)
Plants We Eat (level G)
Trash and Treasure (level G)
The Boy Who Cried Wolf (level H)
The Puppy Plan (level H)
Getting The News (level H)
The New Kid (level I)
Volcanoes: Fire and Ash (level I)
Amazing Wheat (level I) 
The Elves and the Shoemaker (level J)
Dinosaur Day (level J)
Meet the Monkeys (level J)

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